The great success of The Vargas

When Willy Rodriguez was associated with Roberto Vargas, who with his wife had the travel agency Travel Millin, joined the company covers Productions, which was devoted to the presentation of shows.

Willy, who has always been an entrepreneur, Roberto had the man skilled in finance.

Both raided the radio, creating the «The Sound of Capital» and «Sunday in Santo Domingo» program, to face nothing more and nothing less than a «Gonzando with Corporán Productions» Corporán Rafael, who was not yet on television, and had their stronghold on the radio.

Roberto demonstrated since then, a great sense of the importance of media and public relations. It was one of our clients and sponsors Art on Radio National.

When he separated from Willy Rodriguez, then showed his willingness to radio, creating Radio Cima and then acquiring other stations like Radio Villa, the Single.

With his son Robertico Vargas has formed a very successful mutual in the radio business.

Cima is considered the first FM radio station to assemble a schedule based merengue, salsa and bachata, which gave him a great result.

It is a traditional cutting station, but aimed at the mass that follows and sustained through the years.

Your Cima Sabor Christmas season is the program with the largest audience and the Creole tradition of radio.

Their special singing two great artists have enabled him likewise a must hearing, as «El Show de Vargas» with Luis Vargas and Sergio Vargas. O combinations with Anthony Santos El Torito or Frank Reyes.

Their slogan «You are in Cima,» became so popular that even jokes have been done to him, because it has always been a favorite radio station to provide background music in the cabin motels.

Supposedly a lover who was in a cabin told his companion:

-Olga, I think we found …

-How well – she asked.

– Oh. Do you hear what I just said on the radio, supposedly «you are on top.» That was that we found ..




Fuente:  Joseph Caceres

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